Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Great Health Tips from Dr. Monica Marcu in her book, “Miracle Tree”

After speaking so much about Moringa Oleifera and Zija in my blog, I would  like to talk to you about an outstanding person that I admire and respect ---- her name is Dr. Monica Marcu.

She is, in fact, one of the scientists in Zija Science Team as Pharmacology Advisor. She has received awards and honors from the American Association for Cancer Research, National Institute of Health, and National Cancer Institute, as well as other organizations.

Her life long love of trees, plants, and particularly medicinal plants has led her to write this best seller book – “Miracle Tree” -- a well respected Moringa information source.

In her book, she states that she wants to dedicate to “all the people who study, promote or use Moringa …to all my beloved trees.”

This alone makes me feel so proud to be a Zija Independent Distributor because I do use Moringa in Zija and am promoting Moringa and Zija actively through my blog here.

In her book, Dr. Marcu offers such a simple concept with practical advice on everyday diet for good health and life, and it truly makes us want to examine our lifestyle with a critical eye.

Below are some of her quotes:

“During normal biological processes inside our bodies, unstable molecules – free radicals – are created.  They attack every cell and damage the biological structures made of lipids, proteins and genetic material.

Antioxidants produced by the body and supplied by food have to act promptly to stop the harm inflicted by free radicals at all levels.

The pollution and the stress of modern life (including poor diets) increase the oxidative stress and the production of free radicals.

Moringa contains potent antioxidants such as the carotenoids (lutein, beat-carotene, xanthins), vitamins (C, E and A), minerals (selenium) and other phytochemicals (quercetin, rutin and caffeoylquinic acids).

Complex mixtures of naturally occurring antioxidants from plants are the most effective and beneficial protectors against oxidation and aging of the tissues.

Diets including plenty of greens, vegetables, fruits and seeds have been linked with health benefits and a much lower incidence of various diseases.

…….We humans ARE part of Nature……As such we should function according to the basic rules of Nature for proper physical and mental health.

Since we are meant to eat mostly plants, as omnivorous creatures, the best way to remain functional and healthy is to continue ingesting mostly plants.

…..Some might argue humans “eat”……we have transformed the basic system of nutrients into a social, sophisticated event. We seek pleasure and satisfaction (taste) above all……The consequences are many and sad, among these – a plethora of chronic diseases and physical weaknesses.

Healthy lifestyle means natural or normal – as normal as it used to be when we enjoyed clean food, water and air, and were forced to move a lot.

I personally trust plants to keep me healthy and energetic, the way I trust Nature to show me the path of wisdom in everything.”

So, I hope anyone after reading this part of her book will understand and be inspired to make changes in life.  Let’s hope that we all find ways to make the Moringa and Zija part of our life!


  1. Very interesting article Great Health Tips i suggest use zija

    1. Hi David,
      Thank you for your interest in my article about Great Health Tips and your promotion on using Zija.

      The insight of Dr. Monica Marcu on the fundamental of health advice is so compelling and worth promoting and sharing among us. Zija will certainly complement this to the finest.

      I hope you will have the opportunity to try Zija as well. Please email me as well if you need help.


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    3. Hi Kalenarden,
      Thanks for the very nice comments on Zija drink and products.
      Great to hear that you get very effective results including losing some weight, exactly like what I have been experiencing by drinking Zija SmartMix everyday, with no side effect!
      Hope Zija will keep you stay healthy everyday of your life, and please share my blog with others that you know.
      Thanks again,

  2. Hi,

    Am living in India. Would like to know how I can get a copy of this book ? FYI, Am a working professional.

  3. Hi, iam currently drinking the super mix.... but i dont know how much vitamins and minerals are actually in it. it doesnt say on the nutrition profile of the box. Can you tell me how many mg of each vitamin, mineral,protein and oil are in the super mix?

  4. Hi McKay,
    Since Zija's Moringa nutrition comes directly from the edible parts of the tree (not like man-made synthetic vitamins), "generally, vitamins and most nutrients are best absorbed and used by the body when they come from natural sources and are present in naturally occuring, complex combinations" quoted from the "Miracle Tree" by Dr. Monica Marcu.


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