Sunday, 8 April 2012

Cost & Benefits of this amazing Moringa natural nutrition.

The cost of Zija Moringa SmartMix per day per one packet (there are 32 packets in a case of SmartMix) per person varies between US $3 to close to US $4 depending on what countries you reside where there are Zija distribution channels, including applicable taxes and shipping cost.  Just to give you an example,
US residents will pay about $US 3.00 per day; Canada residents will pay about $US 3.70 per day; Australian residents will pay about $US 3.80 per day.  Of course, those living outside of USA will have to factor in the cost of exchange difference when you pay by your credit card as well.

Since Zija SmartMix contains all natural nutrients, minerals, omega oils, and many many antioxidants, anti-inflammatories….etc…., there’s no need for me to buy those synthetic supplements like multi-vitamins, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E, Omega oils …etc. every month.  As a result, I would save at least about 75% of the cost of SmartMix per day or more or less depending on each individual.  Based on this estimation, the actual cost of SmartMix per day would reduce to US$ 0.75 to US$ 1.
Other area that you could do is to cut out costs of some other foods you typically waste money on or if you are on medication, there's a good chance you could save money when you don't have to buy those.
You will find out that spending money on Zija will help you save on other costs while you are living in a much healthier life simply because you are "drinking life in" with Zija everyday!

The benefits of Zija Moringa SmartMix are two folds:-

  Nutritional: it provides 100% natural, organic, GMO free Moringa in vitamins, minerals, all 8 essential amino acids, 10 additional amino acids and other beneficial nutrients for bioavailability and easy absorption in the body.

  Medicinal: Natural benefits from Moringa as follows:-
·         nourishing body’s immune system
·         promoting healthy circulation
·         supporting normal blood sugar levels
·         anti-inflammatory support
·         natural anti-aging benefits
·         promoting healthy digestion
·         heightening mental clarity
·         providing restful sleep and relaxation
·         increasing energy

If I weigh all these amazing benefits (all based on science and facts) against the “actual” cost of SmartMix, I think it’s such a good bargain --- “Aren’t we lucky?”  Wouldn't you want to order one case of SmartMix for Mother's and Father's Days to take advantage of the special today?

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In addition, Zija provides an opportunity for you to offset your costs by simply sharing it with others (if you choose). If you just want to be a product user, that's great too.

Notes. --- The cost is based on wholesale price for those who are purchasing one case of SmartMix on Autoship program (on every 4 weeks by default or longer than 4 weeks at your own discretion by speaking to the Zija rep.) ...i.e., Preferred Customers.


  1. Zija’s impressive nutrient profile. zija is a combination of the five constituent parts of the Moringa tree that work for different treatments.\


  2. Thanks for the comment, fcwebmaster5.

    I gather that the five constituent parts of the Moringa tree are: leaves, flowers, fruit, seed(pod), and root. Is that correct?


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